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  • After the Candy showed up in my cart, I went and added a few more things. When I got back to my shopping cart a few mins later, the Candy was out of stock. [grumble]

  • These should be placed in every box for every order... for free.

    Stickers are one of the best & cheapest advertising methods. And I don't just mean brand advertising -- I mean these stickers are very good new customer acquisition vehicles. They're highly targeted, have high conversion rates, and you only pay the cost one time but get campaigns that last months or even years. Since many of your customers document their projects with photos or videos, you'll get more than enough impressions to offset the cost.

    I'd happily rock these stickers all over my gear. But I'm not buying them.

  • As we approach the year 2048, the first power-of-2 year in over a millennium , SparkFun has opened up its vault to show how it still remembers its modest beginnings. Long before their Nobel-prize winning International Space Station Arduino Shield and their invention of solid state car engines, SparkFun manufactured and sold individual components that inspired a generation. Today they employ several dozen "ScareBots" to defend their prized relics from the threat of NICHEs (Nano Incendiary Capable Hostile E-insects). Pictured here is a ScareBot v0.9 guarding this perfectly preserved datasheet, which features the long-forgotten tactile tree-based paper along with its primitive immutable display technology (called "ink" in that era).