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  • Hi there, would it be possible to interface this board with the uberboard or the logomatic?

  • Hi,
    I am looking to incorporate GPS, acceleromter and gyro + reporting via modem into a single logging package and think this board may tick all boxes.
    Have spent a while going through the site and was wondering, before I place any orders if someone could give me a few pointers on the following:
    - Which of the gyros on sparkfun could I easily incorporate into this board and how?
    - Taking the GPS chipset it supports, the board will be housed in a metal case and therefore need to lead an antenna outside. What would I need to order with the above to do this?
    - Given we have a set case requirement, cannot find the dimensions of the board anywhere.
    Power is the key here and has to work for long periods unattended. any thoughts on what the board draws before i start adding components would be appreciated (suspect that it will be the GPRS/GPS that kills it in the end).
    Apologies for all questions, but happy I can get up to speed on programming but the hardware side is new to me.
    Kind rgds

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