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Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Hobbyist, DIY Fanatic, Hacker, E-Cig Modder, Robotics Enthusiast, Uechi Ryu Karate Student, Triumph Rider, Husband and best of all - Father.


Design Engineer/Owner for Linehan Creativity Company (LCC) and Witch City E-Cigarettes (WCE)



Spoken Languages

English, little Spanish, little Italian.

Programming Languages

Basic, DarkBASIC, C, C#, C++, Pascal, Fortran and Assembly.


MIT, Boston University, UMass, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Yale, Harvard. Those are all I can think of off the top of my head. Oh wait! Did you mean universities that I attended???? Oops…Ummm.. North Shore Community College for bartending as a second income. I taught myself everything else.


Computer Programming, Fiction and Poetry Writing, Technical Writing, Senior Computer Support Technician, Digital and Analog Electronics Engineering, Rhythm Guitar and more..


Anything involving a DO IT YOURSELF level of involvement. Singing, Rhythm Guitar, Poetry Slams and so much more. All things creative. All things that allow us to be self supportive, self sustaining and self reliant. The single best way to learn about anything is to create it from scratch. Creation is the single most powerful knowledge building act you can acomplish. Nothing will ever bond you to something stronger than creation. Whether it is building your own powered smart bread board or parenthood. Creation is true knowledge.


These are a few of my most used websites..

HTTP:// -Best place to learn about e-cigs HTTP://WWW.GotVapes.COM -My usual site for buying e-cig supplies HTTP:// -Just a fantastic place for lots of things HTTP:// -The place for arduino microcontroller knowledge HTTP:// -Really cool online game of social politics


I have had creative writing works published in several magazines, poetry anthologies, e-zines, gazettes and a diverse number of online magazines, but I am not a professional author at all.

  • Yeah, this is my method as well. I would prefer this to the slap method if you are reorienting a header or something else pth. If you are replacing defective stuff then I would go for hang the hemostats from the part, hold board upside down, heat the pins so when the solder melts, the weight of the stats will pull out the part. :)

  • I am glad you mentioned the breadboarding. I am new to microcontrollers, and I am of very limited income so it took me a while to save up and get an uno and other stuff. I kept thinking that the chips were so cheap, I wonder if it would be feasible to just slap a 328 in my breadboard and get some components. I was not brave enough at the time. Still not sure if I am LOL. ..but at least I know it is feasible now. I need to find a local group or something though. Forums are nice, but meet and greets would be so much better. :)

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