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  • There was something satisfying about seeing Rob back in the product post. :) It is the classic Sparkfun feel.

  • I’m going to have to start a conspiracy here and say that Rob must have shaved his beard off! That’s why we haven’t seen him in any new product post videos. :)

  • There’s always next month… or next year depending on frequency of posting ;)

  • This is cool but I’d really like to see it with simultaneous dual voltage output. I often have breadboard projects where I have a 3.3v and a 5v rail at the same time.

  • Mmm… Leaded toast! :)

  • A classic case of RTM syndrome.

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  • While attempting to locate the Holy Grail he encountered the killer Redbot of Sparkfun!

  • I agree with you that inactive discouraging could be a problem. I had not given any consideration to the potential of inactive discouragement but it sounds like something we all need to be careful to avoid.

    I think that there is a bigger issue/flaw with our public education system than boys vs. girls though when it comes to STEM. Look at this link PRB Workforce charts that shows total workforce percentages in these fields and also the chart that shows foreign born US STEM workforce numbers. US schools are turning out ~5% of students into STEM fields. Foreign born students pursuing STEM make up ~20% of total workforce. I love that most everyone in the world has access to this stuff but I think it speaks poorly for our education system when we see the total numbers. Perhaps by fixing the education problem it would also correct the disadvantage girls experience entering this field?

    To answer your question about being exposed to the engineering field… Yes, my father is an electrical engineer and I had a soldering iron in my hand at 5 years old. I also have 2 younger brothers and no sisters. I am the only one who showed interest and pursued electronics.

  • I don’t see why anybody (boy or girl) has to be actively encouraged to enter any field. I am raising both boys and girls and I give them all opportunity to sit with me and solder/program/release magic smoke/press buttons/etc when they want to, but I don’t encourage them to pursue it beyond praise for something well done/cool or helping them learn to stick with something that happens to be hard until they succeed at it. If my children express interest in a particular subject we do our best as parents to provide opportunity, resources and time for them to explore that venture but I won’t actively encourage any of my kids into the STEM field if they don’t express interest.

    I’ve seen this sort of becoming a “thing” in the STEM field where they look around and say “Gosh, there are 80 people in our engineering division and only 3 of them are women. We better restructure to make this more gender appropriate.” But really, some fields are more interesting to boys than girls and vise versa. Why do we need to change the fields to balance the genders? If my daughter loves calculus I’ll be the first one to cheer her on and encourage her growth by making sure she has the mentors, encouragement, time, etc. to pursue her interest. If my son loves cooking and interior design, same thing. Can’t that be enough?

    I guess when you say that you were never actively discouraged from going into any sort of engineering field but neither actively encouraged my question would be: Did you express interest in studying a field of engineering and were offered no support? Or did you mean that your interests didn’t incline you towards the STEM field but somebody should have come along and pushed you in that direction because we need more women pursuing STEM fields?

    I don’t mean this in any derogatory way whatsoever. I just don’t want to see us push our interests on others. I’m all for coming alongside someone trying to learn and encouraging them to overcome the challenges, learn and discover. I like your determination that will see you through the painful beginnings when learning to code and I say keep pressing on with your desire and you will overcome these challenges.

  • Just so everyone has a reference point here is Digikey’s statement on inventory in cart.

    “Quantities are not reserved until the order has been submitted. You will be reminded of backorder quantities at submit time. Available quantities may have changed due to real time inventory.”

    I’ve missed chances to get a dumpster dive and I’ve also managed to get the dumpster dive. IMHO I say leave the system as is since we aren’t talking about a contest, but merely a product that has occasional inventory. If somebody as big as Digikey isn’t holding parts until you hit pay, why should Sparkfun? I prefill my cart if I’m hoping to get a DD and have my payment info ready to go. People just need to learn the ropes and if you fall off the rope, don’t blame the rope, just climb back on for the next chance.

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