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  • Just received a pack of 10. I timed a single one and it takes about 37 seconds to cycle through each color. There is some variation on timing for each unit. The colors go red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, pink/purple, white, and then repeat. I'm powering the LED from a single ATtiny85 pin, with regulated 3.3 volts, so a 68 ohm resistor is used and this little guy is bright! I tried a 1.5k resistor and the blue and maybe green elements do not light up, as one might guess. A magic eraser works okay to diffuse the light a little, but I'll probably grab some sandpaper and rough it up better to give a softer and more uniform appearance. Maybe obvious, but blinking and PWMing does not allow the integrated IC to cycle through colors, even if one uses AnalogWrite with a relatively high value like 240 (of 255). This is sort of neat though, because as it will still fade or blink red as a status indicator, the color changing becomes like a secret that only activates when you just leave the pin it's attached to high, understatedly cool. The blue element in one started flickering and gave out relatively quickly, but I can't confidently say it was defective based on some of the stress testing I initially put it through. I'm going to use these with a cutesy board using the aforementioned uC I'm making to give out to friends. Rainbows are cool. If anything you can hot glue a bunch of optical fibers to the top and make a soothing little tree thing. I feel like those things have a therapeutic element that appeals to anyone who tends to fall asleep with the TV on. I don't do that but I still like them.

  • I like this 4 legged coin battery connector better than others. Do you sell the connector itself, know a part number for a distributor, or have a datasheet? Also if there's a page that features where to get parts that are in the SFE Eagle library but not for sale on Sparkfun that would work! Thanks.