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  • put 2 10k in parallel and you’ll do even better

  • Thankfully they didn’t call it the loo board.

  • Everyone makes mistakes: it’s how you recover from them that matters.

    I wish CEO’s from bigger business like GMC etc read your post and watch your company closely. If they were the consumer’s world would be a better place and they’d get the customer loyalty that they can’t find and don’t deserve.

  • the sparkfun employee firmware upgrade was proceeding smoothly

  • Nobody on staff looked forward to wearables Wednesday.

  • You can work out the ratings by matching the the product code in the photo with the product code table in the data sheet. Not that hard.

  • Fluke have responded on fscebook. Seems pretty decent to me.

    Over the last 24 hours, we’ve been watching the conversation around SparkFun. We’ve wanted to join the conversation sooner, but needed to make sure we had all the information in front of us so we could help find the best solution. Thank you for your patience.

    Like any organization that designs and manufactures electronics, we actively work to stop lookalike products from making it to the marketplace. We do this to protect our company and the jobs of our employees. We also do so because it is a matter of safety for our customers. Our tools are used in high-energy industrial environments, where precision and safety is an absolute necessity.

    I mention this because we firmly believe that we must be – and will continue to be – vigilant in protecting Fluke and our customers. One step in doing that was registering a trademark protecting the look and feel of our devices so our customers know that if it looks like a Fluke it’s a Fluke.

    It’s important to know that once we’ve filed for and received trademark protection, US Customs has the responsibility to determine what to stop at the border, or what to seize. In this case, we first learned of this issue from SparkFun’s blog.

    We understand how troubling this is for a small company serving the needs of DIY-ers and hobbyists. Here is what we are going to do.

    Earlier today we contacted SparkFun and offered to provide a shipment of genuine Fluke equipment, free of charge for them to sell on their site or donate. The value of the equipment exceeds the value of the Customs-held shipment. SparkFun can resell the Fluke gear, recouping the cost of their impounded shipment, or donate it into the Maker community.

    While we will continue to enforce our trademark, we are taking this one-time action because we believe in the work of SparkFun supporting the Maker and education communities. This is important to us. We have been supporters of the Maker community for years through the donation of over half a million dollars worth of tools and employee time to organizations like First Robotics.

    We look forward to continuing our support of the community, of our customers, and of all the innovators out there.


    Wes Pringle President, Fluke Corporation

  • I bought 2 of these in 5m length. I tested them with a large lead acid battery producing 12.65V. I found the following

    When individually connected the draw was the following Red: 1.6 Amps Green: 1.4 Amps Blue: 1.34 Amps

    When all were connected White: 3.4 Amps. (Voltage on battery dropped to 12.4V when lit.

    Not sure why there is a discrepancy, this is empirical data.

    Hope this helps

  • Does anyone know the pinout for this inverter? Using my voltmeter I see that the two pins closest to the light Icon are at approx 160V ac. The other two appear to be around 26V ac, which seems odd to me.

  • Sparkfun: surface to air missiles in stock soon.