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  • So that others might benefit, I am posting my recent experiences with this breakout board. At first, I thought I had a bad board, but after a day of troubleshooting I found the issue. The symptoms were that the board would accept commands, update the time and provide accurate time readings when 5V were applied to the board, but when the power was removed, all registers would zero out. I tested the battery and it was showing a nominal 3.2V, so looking further, only 20 to 40 mV were seen at pin 3 when the battery was in the holder. Seems as if the battery is shorting itself out on the + solder pads where the battery holder is soldered to the board.

    To rectify the problem, I inserted a piece of aluminum foil between the battery and the - battery contact on the board, this lifted the battery enough so that it would clear the + solder pads on the sides and prevent the short from occurring.

    I am currently debating on either leaving it as is or returning it for another unit, but since I soldered a header on the board and it is working, I may end up keeping this one.

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