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  • The linked datasheet says the “input voltage” which I’m assuming is DIN, the control signal, can be -0.5~VDD+0.5. Does this mean I could control these lights with a 1.8v signal as long as I provide 5v for VCC?

  • Did you ever try stenciling this? I didn’t realize there were problems stenciling this part before I ordered my board and stencil. My stencil is 3mil thick but the mfg offers a 5mil thickness. I might try that next time.

  • it seems cool but I’m having a hard time getting excited about a $90 range finder that is only accurate to +/- .025m (about an inch)…

  • i’m not sure why i find this board so confusing, particularly controlling the LEDs. it would be great if sparkfun released a version that would work with the addressable LEDs so we could use the neopixel library.

  • I don’t see anything in the datasheet regarding a current limiting resistor. Do I need one? I think the SMD version has constant current control built in. Is it the same for these?

  • ooh, where can i find that led matrix in the video?

  • Very cool. I like the simplicity. Just curious, is the rate limit configurable if i were to install on my own server?

  • wow, very cool. Thanks for the link. I can’t wait to try them out. Board manufacturer (oshpark.com), check. Solder stencil manufacturer (oshstencils.com), check. Now all i need to do is build a solder oven.

    Would be really slick if oshpark.com and oshstencils.com teamed up so you could order your pcbs and stencils all from the same place as a single project.

  • I was also excited about the actobotics product line but then i couldn’t seem to find any stepper motor mounts. Did you ever find a mount of motor that works with actobotics?

  • C3 and C10 are both 0.1uF. C13 is the 10uF cap. However, I think I can apply what you explained to C3. It is there to smooth out the high frequency ripples caused by the ATMEGA and would be positioned physically close to that IC. Is that correct? If you were designing a circuit would you typically use one of these capacitors per IC?

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