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  • Does it need the datasheet referenced clip, lens and LED?

  • The links at the end of the tutorial ( thank you ) are malformed and do not work; notably ASIC World and FPGA4Fun.

    Nice tutorial

  • Just a few random neuron firings:

    Your storage medium is digital so think digital from the get go. Use an ADC up front as needed...

    Vario, huh? You sure picked the hard one! Mu guess is that a running average would give the most readable result, however, there are issues in general w/ GPS. Note that vertical error in a GPS readout is about 1.5 times greater than horizontal error. Your MSL may be off since GPS measures vertical distance from the geodetic sphere ( a computational model of the earth ). Standing on the beach, looking at the ocean while your GPS swears you are -15 meters is always fun.

    I would guess that you might get a decent ( though coarse ) vario w/ GPS. Especially since you are looking at the moment to moment alt variance. Whatever method you use ( radar alt, acceleration, air pressure, GPS ) you will likely have a moderate to heavy calculation to get a great result.

    It will be fun to hear the progress/result!

  • Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! My big Time Watch arrived! Daddy! Make it work! Oh boy! Oh boy! This is SO cool!

  • No, I didn't win... but thank you SparkFun for the excellent intentions.

    I must admit, however, that if you do to again, and it involves Captchas, I'm going to go play with my cat for six hours instead.

  • Is is possible to PWM the outputs ( all of them, at the same time, freq ) by toggling Output Enable?
    Looking at the specs it appears that this works. Not sure...

  • It is even more complex than simply looking at the COO of each component. Each component is also made of a variety of parts with varying origins. ie: that RES-07857 is listed as Israel or China, but the components such as leads, actual resistive element and the package might all come from different COO then assembled in yet another.
    The "truth" is that COO is determined by trade tariff rules, and may, or may not, have any meaningful importance ( except to the tax guy, and the politician who can say, "I did that" )
    Very few things have an easily identifiable COO, and even then it is a challenge: The tomato from your backyard might have been fertilized with chemicals from various sources etc.

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