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  • Maverick: “Merlin, don’t you think you are taking your call-sign a bit to serious?”

  • I have one of these, love it to death, though my question is to Sparkfun.com, is this product going to be continued or upgraded? I am looking to get three more of them if they come back in stock.

  • Ok, I have a dumb question here. On most of the ARDUINOS, you get only 32KB of storage on the chip for your code. This says 128K of flash.. does that mean it has 128KB of memory for the code?? I have a lot of projects and keep running out of room on a normal arduino with only the 32KB of memory it has. If this does have 128KB of storage space, then it would be perfect for my projects.

  • Couple of questions.
    1. How does this connect to the ARDUINO?
    2. If I put a GPS on the ARDUINO, would it still talk to your PC via the Zigbee on the weatherboard?

  • I have a very silly question. Can you attach a Xbee to this and be able to log AND live track your item? I know it is kind of specific, but very important. Or has anyone tried to use this for live tracking? Please let me know! :)

  • I got this wonderful item today. Installed the example .net thing and it works like a champ. Though problem is, last 4 readings show 0’s. I have the firmware stuff, but im at a loss how to upgrade it and where to go next. Works just fine otherwise, had it running for a while now out my bedroom window and logging. So anyone that can point me in the right direction, would be very helpful.


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