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  • Just a question, that perhaps someone can answer: Regarding the "beam width" and the "cone" in which the sensor senses within, it seems to be the case the the sensor will tell you the distance to the closest object within it's cone of vision.
    Is this correct? In other words, it will only tell you the closest object it seem, but will not tell you where in the cone the object actually is. So it may know something is 40 inches away, but it has no idea if the object is directly in front, or to the left or to the right of the sensor. Is this correct? If so, this sensor seems ill-equipped to detect objects since there's no way to really know where the objects are that it sees. ??

  • I believe I had the same problem as Boppyer. And the problem was the jumper. The instrutions really aren't as clear as they should be regarding this point. As you mentioned, you actually need to wipe away the solder on pin 2. Use a multi-meter and test if pin 10 on the speakjet is connected to pin 2 on the shield. If it is, the jumper connection still exists and needs to be wiped away. After making this change it worked.
    The new shields use a much smaller speakjet chip which makes doing the soldering even more difficult. You definitely need the very thing wire-wrapping wire to make these connections.

  • Fail.
    Pong was played with the paddle control, not the joystick. :)

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