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  • Standard 10uF @ 16v+ radial electrolytic capacitor. Its just a decoupling capacitor so it will function without it. It wont be happy though, and might act out in anger...

  • Here is a neat example for enclosures:
    The box itself is made by "@ the Office" which is a Walmart brand of stationary and office supplies. I can't seem to find these on the web anywhere, but should be in your local Wally-World. The clock is a near perfect fit. I had to shave roughly .125'' on either side of the PCB, but other than that it couldn't have been planned better. With a Dremel by your side it's too easy. It is a bit on the light side so I counter weighted the bottom with BB's and a heavy dose of hot glue. The back of the box is magnetic so you could toss in a L4931CZ50-AP in conjunction with a 10uF and a trusty 9v to create an alarm clock for your mini-fridge door....

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