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Well, I'm alive. 'nuff said.

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  • Which one doesn't belong?

    Thats right! The third owl from the left doesn't belong because its wearing a hat.

    Ok i wrote this and now i see all of the "which doesn't belong" captions... Just disregard my post until now.

  • No I like it. It brings that modern feel to the website. Its just very bright. I think a bit of color would make it feel more welcoming.

  • The website! My eyes!

  • I am so glad that 3D has been integrated into SFE's catalogs. I don't know if I really suggested it way back when first, but I'm really glad SFE has taken that extra step to really ensure that its customers are fully equipped with all the knowledge they need. +1 for SFE!

  • I think something along the lines of a 'controller' cubelet would be cool. Program it in like C or something with Microchip or Atmels libraries and send the program over the bluetooth to the controller. That would make this product line VERY cool. But then again, that would require a completely different way of the cubelets transferring data to each other. (More of an addressed method instead of 'static' like connections) Idk. Lots of ways the company that make cubelets could expand from here.

  • This one was definatly one of the harder ones to think of a funny caption for.

  • From previous experience working with these servos, (And actually this servo specifically), I can say these things are quite powerful. Though on a side note, if you run them under high stress for awhile they do heat up slightly.

  • Yay servos! (Its about time.......)

  • Sorry! Just wanted to throw it out there for the people who didnt know!

  • Modern "PLC"s have many modern features like ARM processors and such. So while older PLC's follow this, many new models are quite capable with their abilities. In example: I am currently designing a PLC like interface board for a Raspberry Pi. A modern example from National Instruments would be their line of a C-RIO line. They are able to be programmed in languages like Java, C++, and LabView. So while they can still be programmed in a PLC-esque manner, (from labview), they have become much more compact and adaptable.

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