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  • Replacement batch came quickly and programmed the first time :)

  • Talked to support. Apparently a batch went out the door without bootloaders, so they're sending a new set out.

  • Hi Mike. I hit up support. I've tried flipping that switch (and the new xbee/FTDI switch) in all possible combinations :) I've tried powering externally while programming it. I've torn apart my Arduino install on my windows box and Mac, reinstalled it, and nothing works :(

    FWIW, I remember hating this process a couple years ago when I did it last. Setting aside the abysmal FTDI situation on Macs for a moment, serial programming is pretty user hostile. You guys don't even populate the headers to do it!

    This board is kinda my go-to product for wireless EL costumes, but it could really use a refresh.

  • Did something change about this board? I've programmed them via FTDI before, but I can't seem to program the batch of three I just received. I've tried Windows, my Mac and multiple FTDI programmers. The board never responds to the programmer.

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