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  • I want this because it is red.

  • What about putting pads (underpopulated?) for the ic and stuff on the bottom near the usb? Also why are you stuck with the current board size? I mean I honestly passed by this when I first saw it thinking it was a “RedBoard mini”. SFE should try to make every product unique looking in my opinion.

    You could also have it on a break-away part of the board at the end (near button). That would also allow users who snap the optional pcb off to get an additional lipo charging board for other projects!

  • How hard would it be to have RevB include a lipo charger?

  • Everybody RUN!! Here comes the comment section!

  • This is great to hear! I have watched every new product post video the day it was posted for 5 years without missing a single one for the shenanigans & have seen a decreasing amount lately. :P

  • Can there please be a regular amount of shenanigans in the Friday new product posts? Maybe use the Friday new product video as an outlet to inspire the community with project ideas, while also briefly introducing us to the new items?

  • I love this post, and feel it would be very useful if I understood what was being said. I too hate delay()!

  • I wouldn’t worry about the 100mA thing. If you need to power something that requires more that 100mA you should power it with something other than the on board power supply.

  • There probably isn’t much point in using Arduino-compatible APIs

    I would have to disagree with you there. While an Arduino style environment would certainly not be the best API for this chip in a consumer product, like a oscilloscope thingy. An Arduino API does however perfectly suit the role SparkFun is aiming the board at.

  • “capability of pushing multiple buttons at ones” should be ‘once’