Member Since: January 28, 2011

Country: United States


Spoken Languages

English, Esperanto (iomete), ASL (a little, though not spoken), German (Forgotten more than I remember)

Programming Languages

Roughly in order, AtariBasic, Atari130xe ASM, QuickBasic, Forth, Pascal, RPL, C/C++, Modula-2, Oberon-2, Python, x86 ASM, Java, Ruby, Dynamic C, Telepace Ladder Logic, Isagraf IEC-61131.



  • (Speaking of that, maybe it would be better to have openid/oauth for logins instead of having a password here? Lots of sites are setting that up these days, giving you a list of openid providers like twitter and facebook to let you login with.)

  • My main problem with Gravatar is that it works very, very poorly when you have a different email address that you give to every website. In this case, it’s really bad for a service to be reliant on email addresses. Maybe it would be better if it relied on oauth/openid urls or something similar?

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