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  • I answer my self:
    I powered this PCB from the 5V line of Arduino, and used 5V logic, directly from the Arduino's digital lines, without voltage dividers.
    It worked very well, including the Arduino example linked above.
    I also used a 270-Ohm resistor to limit the current in the backlight leds.
    This is a very nice and cheap display!

  • Hello.
    I am having problems to get this LCD working with Arduino
    (I'm just a newbie)
    I'm trying it with the first Arduino example, linked above, using the initialization sequence pointed by Kuy and Member197735 (thanks to both).
    I have readed carefully all the comments, and recomendations. But I should be missing something.
    I'm using voltage dividers to supply 3V in the inputs of the LCD, because of the Arduino works in 5V. LCD Vcc and LED are powered from the 3.3V output of the Arduino. The LCD only displayed something when I used: R1=470K,R2=820K. I have tried several values to obtain 3V, but the LCD showed nothing. I don't understand that.
    This is my circuit and this and this is what the LCD is showing.
    Any help would be very appreciated.