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  • I must agree, at least a better bulk rate I need like 10 strips, adafruit sells 10- 36 pin for 75 cents each(10x7.50$) but I need the female ones too, that they dont carry.. but its funny you both carry the touch screen breakout board.. I'd rather pay around 1.50$ each for a american made one elsewhere..
    Customer Request: Please add a country origin to your products description, I prefer to buy american made parts when I can, followed by not made in china..
    Due too ever increasing demands and threats by the chinese government from controlling of raw, rare earth minerals, political pressure/demands, and because it supports its governmental control of its people. I'm sure many people here agree everything is coming from china.. I understand not everything can be american, but I'm avoiding buying products imported china.. I dont even regularly shop at walmart. I've shopped at a walmart 2-3 times a year totaling to less than 1,000$ in 5 years.instead I drive twice as far to shop.

  • the other day I went to the shack and needed and soldering iron tip, my original 7$ soldering iron needed a new tip, the one tip alone is 3$.. radio shack's little version of printer companies and ink...

  • Thanks I love it, a heavier or larger base would be cool but for the price its good. I found it required to twist the solder iron holder at another 45 degrees then pictured above to keep it from tipping over under normal use which is still comfortable with my pistol grip soldering iron..

  • At first glance. I starting pulling my hair out looking for traces for the ground as they appear non existent. rest assure my ohm reader confirmed they do exist, this must be at least a 3 layer pcb. maybe it has some more traces hidden to reveal better amperage then some people where worried about.. Thanks sparkfun this is better than nothing but some extra features would be nice like a few mentioned in the comments below

  • Its a little disturbing, seeing everything coming from overseas mostly. I do prefer to purchase products from countries where the work force and its people is treated like humans, and not slaves, with limited freedom.. Its sad that the electronics industry seems to being going that way..
    how much cheaper is it to get it made in china? is it about half as much?

  • I love how this is going to save me some work, but yet it after I purchased it I was thinking too late, that fuses would be good when a atx is able to spit out 20 amps and I only need a 1 amp or 2 most often. Most atx psu's have a internal fuse but, by the time that kicks in you might have some sparks, burns, or worse.. a switch would be nice too

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