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  • I can confirm that the Sparkfun Ethernet shield works with the USB Host Shield. To make mine work with Oleg's legacy code:
    1. Cut USB Host Shield PCB trace going to IO pin 10.
    2. Wire the PCB trace to pin 6. (this is the trace that used to be hooked to pin 10).
    3. Change #define MAX_SS 10 to #define MAX_SS 6 in Max3421e_constants.h
    4. Supply a hefty source of 9 volts to the Ethernet shield. Running from the USB power is not enough!!!
    5. Run board_test.pde. Monitor using the serial monitor with monitor speed set to 115200 baud (the drop down menu in the lower right corner).
    The Sparkfun Arduino ethernet regulator is almost too hot to touch. Using an IR thermometer I measured 150 F on the regulator and 180 F on the reverse protection diode D1 feeding it.

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