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  • cancle this question, didn't see it was answered already :)

  • does anyone know what the difference is between the atmega328 and the atmega328p? I've seen them at about a $1 difference per IC

  • I think this is great and I wish you the best with this, I know how hard it can be to explane tech stuff to someone that may not have as much tech knowlage under there belt and not being beside them to do it. POWER TO THE PETE!!!!!

  • Depending on how powerful and well built the motor is you may have two possible issues while the water is not allowed to flow. One would be cavitation around the impeller if the impeller fits closely to the case and doesn't let much water free flow around it which would cause damage to the impeller and case. Second would be a spike of current draw by the motor, again if water isn't allowed to flow the motor is going to try to work harder, get hotter and use more power. I don't know if this would be a problem but it is something to think about when setting up your project.

  • will you be having this class again soon?

  • Gravatar sounds like the site that has the privacy issues, glad I don't have one.

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