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  • Boy, I could use some help here. I notice that the picture above says v1, and I just noticed the EAGLE files say v07. I'm on my second board (these components are getting expensive!!) and every time I plug it in to 5V 1A DC the MCP7384 gets super hot until it either melts the board or (on the first board) explodes. I notice a few little subtle differences in the picture and in my board, particularly C12, which appears to be larger...
    I'm at a loss; I assumed I cooked the first board using hot-air soldering, so on my second board I used the soldering iron to mount everything.
    I'd love to get this thing going, but I'm dead stuck.
    I really appreciate you guys "sparking" a bit of excitement in this old guy...
    yours, John

  • Is the volume adjustable? I mean, I think the WT32 module can accept a UART input to adjust the volume from 0-9, but do you set this up before you ship it? Is that why you have the pin-outs to TX and RX on the board--so you can set this after assembly?
    I'm excited about this phone!

  • okay, three jumper wires instead of a male header will work, too.

  • Okay, dumb beginner question, but the male headers provided have a long side and a short side. I get how this would work when soldering onto a PCB. However, the short side is too short to fit in the breadboard, and too short to fit the servo's connector. Before I "make it work" is there an elegant solution? Like a male header with two long sides?
    Else, this is a great kit! Working on my "Evil Scientist" cackle...

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