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  • It’s funny how just about every part I’ve looked at Sparkfun recently has comments about the price being too high.
    I think this is proportionately way too high - to all the other MEMs devices I’ve been looking at.
    Sad part is, I would buy a lot more parts if they were affordable, unfortunately I’m not going to be able to buy any of these. Honestly, $200!?

  • I am unclear what the advantages of this board are - over the evaluation board? (seeing that the price is the same)
    Is the ADXL345 that much better of an accelerometer than the KXTF9?
    There’s also no easy way to add a digital compass to this board either.

  • In agreement with the MPU-6000.
    Appreciative of this dev board, but it would be silly to use this with the release of the MPU-6000.
    Hopefully it won’t take as long to push out a dev board for the MPU-6000 with a digital compass.

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