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I started out as a child. Then stuff happened. Now, I'm here.

  • Oh, and there may be a bit of a kerfuffle with the luminosity datasheet. The one in the "zip" package is for a ADPS-9960 and the one on the Github is labeled -9301, but looks to actually be a for a -9007. Mouser has a separate one for the -9301 here: http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/678/V02-2315EN0-909643.pdf . Did you change the unit in production, maybe?

  • Nice board, guys. I've got one on order now. For battery planning purposes, can you give me a ROM on the power usage that this combined with a Thing32 (assuming decent wifi reception) might run me?

  • Love the kit - a few suggestions, though.

    1) The breadboard wires provided are of marginal size for crimping in those connectors, particularly when you're putting only one wire in. If you double back the wire on itself (or twice) to increase the cross section for the crimp, it will hold better.

    2) The SD card image is set up for UK standards, so it uses a UK keyboard by default. If you're here in the US, and try to sign into a wifi network, be careful if your password involves special characters, as you may have problems. For example, my password has a "#" character in it, but I didn't realize for a while that my keyboard was producing a UK Pound symbol (the curly L) instead... This caused some frustration :^) It's easily fixable in raspi-config, though (use the "internationalization options'.) Once the keyboard is "right" for your country, you should be able to log in as usual.

    3) If you want extra length in the cables etc, see if you have (like me) an old Pi Wedge, Adafruit Cobbler or equivalentu lying around. Solder the cables into the "breadboard" side holes, and wallah, you've got plenty of extra length, and better cable management to boot!

    Having fun playing Doom and Duke Nukem again... 20 years + later. A fun blast from the past for me!

  • Not for nothing, but Experiment 3 won me some WifePoints by automating the Christmas lights this year. Thanks, SparkFun!

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