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  • Aaaand they gone, lol.

  • IT IS BACK! AWESOME! LOVE YOU SFE! I hope I can score one today!

  • Sooo... what's up with a ghost? =)

  • Wonder if you can take a strip of breakaway headers pull every other one and solder them on with those divots and make it look nice while at it?

  • Now that you brought it up... someone made a promise, to do demo of those nice metal mechanum wheels, and seems that it was forgotten, well, count me as that little annoying piece of consciousness that scratches on your soul. C'mon guys, I want those, but I want one of your off-the-hook demos even more! If need ideas I'll throw few at ya right now, mechanum wheels on lunch box, that follows you around. Pleeeeease... and those addressable strips are awesome. P.S. When is next dumpster dive? =) THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME!

  • I made a boo-boo on my order, and that gave me perfect reason to call SF up, and check up, first off, Brandon needs a raise, and secondly, I got semi-solid verification, that there's a box en-route to my office to be here on Wednesday, I sure will take pictures and post them up offsite, and share what was in there. I think being open with what we've got is the best thing to do here. and for those that didn't make it... well, that was my 1st time I've ever participated in something that did not DDoS server (Rasb Pi launch anyone) and actually got something, best of luck next time, I'm sure I'll be around to vulture as well.

  • He he he, do not pile up, move along =) lol.

  • Local SparkFun outlet? Sign me up! Open one in my town, so I can pester you guys on daily basis.

  • Tell me that it's already on a breakout, with all optional auxiliary components (magnetometer, etc...) in a tight package ready to go!?

  • Hey, guys, so, did you went trough with demo for new Mechanum wheels? still kinda excited...

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