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  • What's the recommended decoupling cap value to use with these (or is that completely dependent upon the application)? Also, I'd like to use these with a 9N1 UART scheme - am I barking up the wrong tree, or will that work?

  • How surface-mount soldering feels the first time around:

  • I'd kinda like to see this board offered with a dual gang volume pot and a balance control. The single pot per channel configuration can sometimes be inconsistent unless low tolerance components or measured matched pairs are used. That said, I'll take 5 please! Should make a nice stand-in until we get around to our LM3886 based hijinks.

    Really wish you guys carried some stouter PSUs too. You're just so awesome, I wish I could order all of my components here.

  • Can the RN HID firmware be burned to this device? I'm aware you guys are selling a separate breakout with the RN-42-HID firmware, but since I already have one of these lying around from a previous project I was hoping to repurpose it if at all possible.

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