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  • Thanks for sharing! I always liked the 'vanity pcbs' such as the DEFCON hacker conference batches. If you're into this, you might like this design which I recently did for a soldering workshop at ProtoSpace FabLab Utrecht, the Netherlands: Proto POV

    Basically, it's a derivative of the Blinky POV by Wayne and Layne. More info (in Dutch) and the design is available at: Proto POV design

    Note the golden QR code, and the ProtoSpace logo that's embedded under the solder mask in the copper layer (right bottom) on the back.

    For the dimension layer, I used this tutorial, which is a nice addition to your collection of tips and tricks: From illustrator to Eagle

  • An interesting development for those of you who are still looking for an 5V or 3.3V RFM12B breakout board. JeeLabs, home of the rf12 library and JeeNode, has just released this board:
    It features a voltage regulator and 3.3V/5V level conversions, to be able to use the RFM12B on 5V systems. If these are left out, the board becomes a simple RFM12B breakout board for 3.3V systems. (In short: it can be used with all Arduino compatible boards.)

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