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  • Awww heck...dang those bean counters. Ya know, there are probably tons of us enginurds out here that would keep this going for free. When I say tons, I'm talking total weight...not quantity of nerds.

  • Common denominator. People are a pain. All I need is I2R to keep me warm at night.

  • You actually get a fire extinguisher from your kid on Father's Day! I mean WTH...It probably is for the best though. There HAVE been issues.

  • Lone Starr, you have the ring. And I see that your Schwartz is as big as mine. Now, let's see how well you handle it.

  • Kelly LeBrock

  • Legos

  • How about a metal tube stamped in the length of it for use as a straw to suck the remaining milk out of the bowl so it doesn't run down your neck. Would also be useful for ICEEs.

  • Heck, why all the trouble...just download an app for this. There are some cool ones that look like a full panel display. Use a IOIO for any extra sensors. I know... that's not fun or expensive enough.

  • Is anyone making shields for the IOIO? I was thinking of making one with a robust 5v regulator with 5v, gnd, and signals distributed to mulitple servo headers or one with multiple solid state relays for 120v control and screw terminals or one with a stack of sensors.

  • Brush on insulation would work, its thick stuff though. I think it comes in limited colors. Or you could use that spray on stuff that makes screen doors float.
    Copper? expensive and someone will steal your wall for scrap. Try aluminum foil, cheap at the Wally World. The heavy duty stuff should have pretty low resistance. Or use the aluminum foil tape for duct insulation. You can also get foil backed gypboard; the whole backside of the wall could be ground. Or you could cut the traces into the foil and use multiple layers for a monster pcb.
    LEDs on push pins or the RGB LEDs that have the color changing built in...just push them through the gypboard, and they would light up (maybe flash a bit if the connection is bad). I wonder if the boss will let me try that in the bedroom. It would be the first time she let me try anything in the bedroom (ok, second time, we do have one kid, ha).

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