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  • Isn't a "fluke" a parasitic worm?

  • High performance vehicle data logging. Also detailed geocoding (if I'm driving at 55mph, that is 88 feet per second so the location of individual frames at 30 or 60fps can benefit from the detail). Having path-dots 3 v.s. 10 feet apart.

  • Any plans on getting the new Venus 8 with 50Hz update? (And maybe glonass?)

  • The 20Hz positions are accurate in that the position data corresponds to the location at the specific time given, however the messages will be delayed (sometimes over 200mS) from the PPS output. If you need to correlate some other event, use the PPS. (On my motorcycle logger, I reset a millisecond counter using PPS and mS-stamp the engine messages).

    RMC, GLL, GGA, VTG are all sent at the 20Hz or other value but can be throttled with another setting. The satellite status (GSV/GSA) is sent at 1Hz.

    I have a preliminary opensource set/get program at which can fetch AGPS, upload it, and set many of the parameters, but it is a work in progress.

  • I'm worried about pushing the other way. You can buy into a stereotype both ways - by saying it is only worth doing if men do it, or by saying only of men are doing it, it is worth doing. My grandmother could look at you can cut out a pattern which you could sew and it would fit perfectly. No credit since 3D CAD programs hadn't been invented yet. My Mother similarly had various engineering skills (as well as my father, I get my maker creativity from both sides). She did the family taxes, but no credit since she didn't have a degree and a CPA. Well my father didn't have a degree either but he was a mechanical genius - he could fabricate and fix anything and was the go-to guy - skilled trades union - that would fix the engineer's screw-ups. My father was athletic and I inherited his build but not his passion. Instead of throwing balls, I was reading anything on math and science I could get my hands on. But they encouraged it.

    If you are sending the message to young girls that being a mommy is unrewarding, and wouldn't you rather build skyscrapers or design electronics or program computers - much more exciting! you are pushing her into a pigeon hole as much as anyone trying to push her into a traditional role pigeon hole. We also need fashion designers and people who take care of clothes (Tailors) and people who can engineer healthy and tasty meals (Chefs). And musicians. Push just enough for her (or him!) to discover her talents and passions. But not so hard as to set an expectation or say only some thigns are valued. All human beings are valuable. Because of what they are, not based on what they do or can do.

  • Uneasy lies the head that wears the clown

  • Torque, not toque

  • Never shampoo in the dark

  • Can the "Trinket" image (inc. bootloader) be installed on this?

  • avrdude -c usbtiny -p t85 -U yourfile.hex

    -p t85, t45, or t25 as needed.

    (or use it for the other processors via the 6 pin)