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  • This now supports OS-X and Linux. But check first, as this may only apply to some serial numbers (hardware versions).

  • Thanks Nick! It would be better if the norm was more inclusive and safe. Until then, thanks for highlighting these resources!

  • Thank you Brent for taking the time to write this up! It will take some time to go through, but i do appreciate having a well developed introduction! Have a great weekend!

  • I didn’t use this specific board, but can add to the other review that it goes well with the Blynk services. Happy to!

  • I bought my first mobile phone just to use this tool! Two (2) additional lines of code and i can check that i remembered to close the garage door without biking back up the hill.

  • I can understand the desire for the energy system. It has a work-around for the high volume use, as the server software is open source. And the hardware doesn’t need to use the Blynk libraries or server. It’s really just an ESP8266 board isn’t it? Perhaps i drank the blynk'n kool aid, but from my perspective subscription concern is moot.

    Respectfully, Mark

  • Thank you King of Graphic Design Pete, for the awesome image of the conceptual cage match!

  • It’s not that hard to find the headers. The suggested items usually have the right ones. I worry more about driving the picker-people over the edge into a darkness from which they cannot escape.

  • Include the pins in the bag, but leave them unsoldered.

    I’ve messed up the soldering of headers more than once. I would still prefer the flexibility of doing it myself: proto versus final and headers versus pins versus wires-a-plenty. Also, I use displays and those really need to be on top.

    I’m getting used to digging myself out of self-inflicted messes.


  • I am envious of your opportunity to have an ERP that fits how you work and not the other way around. There is always something “you can’t do” with every ERP i have ever worked with. It’s awesome you are willing to make the long term investment to get something that works for you! Of course there is risk, but that should be worth the pain.

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