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  • Nice post! This sensor (and the SparkX cousin) did look to be of interest. Keep in mind that high VoCs can also affect resistive humidity sensors. The VOC compounds can bind to the coated elements in the detector.

    Some commercial humidity probes become saturated with acetone in our production area at work (at levels of ten+ of parts per million). An hour in that environment and i had to redo run-in and calibration. We plan to try capacitive sensors in that room now.


  • Thank you for the support SparkFun! The executive order of the past week struck at the very heart of what i believe it is to be “United States of America”. I also believe that if you take a moment to look past the facile “motivation by fear” to examine our history and our principles, you will see the manifest benefits of being the country of opportunity.

    My great-grandparents (and later great-great-grandparents) escaped post-WWI Europe to come to this country. His country was the epicenter of the event that initiated that horrible conflict. The arguments and criteria to stop the travelers this past week could have similarly been applied to him and his new wife. Speaking to him, he was grateful to be given a chance and the freedom to start over here in the United States. He made his new life with hard work; first mining coal, then silver, and finally iron ore.

    Forty years later, as a child, my wife and her family escaped from another strife-torn country to come to this land of freedom. Again, the conflict in that region (and religious differences) could have stopped them at the airport if similar criteria was applied at that time. (Ironically, their flight was from a predominantly Muslim country that was not affected by this weeks ban - because of fortuitous business ties the person signing the order.) Hers was another family grateful for the freedom and opportunity.

    Fear is an irrational response that is disproportionate to the risk posed. It is used by politicians, teachers, religious institutions, and even parents to provoke action. If someone is trying to sway you with fear, it’s critical that you try to understand their motivation for using this particular tool. Perhaps the goal is simply to keep you from responding rationally. If there was a rational argument, look to that for your guide.

  • Thank you for creating the Hookup Guides and updating the libraries. I live and die by those things!


  • Hi Shawn, If you’re not hearing a sonic boom from the hot wheels car, please check the units. Video shows 577.59 m/s in first frame and Speed of sound is 343 m/s - or did I mess that up? Otherwise it’s lovely! Thanks, Mark

  • This now supports OS-X and Linux. But check first, as this may only apply to some serial numbers (hardware versions).

  • Thanks Nick! It would be better if the norm was more inclusive and safe. Until then, thanks for highlighting these resources!

  • Thank you Brent for taking the time to write this up! It will take some time to go through, but i do appreciate having a well developed introduction! Have a great weekend!

  • I didn’t use this specific board, but can add to the other review that it goes well with the Blynk services. Happy to!

  • I bought my first mobile phone just to use this tool! Two (2) additional lines of code and i can check that i remembered to close the garage door without biking back up the hill.

  • I can understand the desire for the energy system. It has a work-around for the high volume use, as the server software is open source. And the hardware doesn’t need to use the Blynk libraries or server. It’s really just an ESP8266 board isn’t it? Perhaps i drank the blynk'n kool aid, but from my perspective subscription concern is moot.

    Respectfully, Mark

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