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  • Any Idea of how much current goes through Rtrim? I couldn’t find it in the datasheet.

  • the TPS6120 can be set up to operate much higher than 3.3V… LiPower can do and uses the same chip… Check the schematics of both and see what resistor has to be changed…

  • There’s no resistor for setting the minimun operational voltage (UVLO) on the TPS61200, that means that it is set to 250mV, That’s a pity because LiPO and NiMH batteries whose minimal operation voltages are much higher than that cannot be safely used to power this board. A jumper with a resistor stair to choose UVLO between what’s needded for NiMH, LiPO, and 0V would have made this board almost perfect.

    The one thing that I would have added to it is a second battery step-up to get to 2A max output, which is what is needed to lift it from ground once you’ve added the arduino mini, few motors, battery, IMU and wiring…

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