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  • I am thinking of buying one of these, but the last comment sounds a little grim. Has anyone else experienced something like this description?

  • Can you use an exato-knife to cut the copper when it's applied to a board (to shape it)?

  • From the first picture, I thought it was an automated weaving machine where you program what you want to make in G-code.

  • It's just starting out. When PC's first came out, they weren't much more than 8 blinking lights. Now we can start flame wars with them! I think it lets people in the fashion industry get a little more creative. It opens up a whole new world! Today it's just blinking LED's and laser-eye-surgery tops, but some day it will be mush more. These initial projects will spark more creativity in designers everywhere. It's not just skimpy catwalk dresses. It's being able to play guitar or drums on your shirt. Having your jacket tell other how you're feeling and if you have a fever or feeing cold. Maybe you'll get more interaction with the opposite sex is they more just by looking at your tuc or belt. I don't know. It's new. Let it grow a bit. Ok, I've run out of things to say and my drugs (yes medical) are wearing out.

  • Doesn't look like the inflatable life saver saved her in the end?? She didn't come back up!
    Yeah the laser one wouldn't be a good public dress.

  • This link should help:

  • Yup, I should get one soon then. I have the other style ones (GP2D120's), so I might try it with that tonight.

  • Does anyone know how these react to different color? Say I have a white board at 2 ft and take a reading (discard first, average 4), then switch to a red, green or blue board at the same distance and take another reading the same way. Will I get the same reading both/all times or even something close?

  • I don't get it. How's it different from the WiiMote project? For $35 you can buy a wiimote. the software is free, supports multipoint, and the wiimote is on BlueTooth (so wireless). How much $$ are all these things he's putting together at the beginning? It would be cooler of he had a Wiimote connected to a tiny Linux box that was connected to a projector. Then you could carry it around with you everywhere you go. You could even use it on a TV (don't press too hard).
    It was nice to see the same old thing done a new way though. And so plug and play.

  • Hi thanks for all the free stuff. I've red the rules and I have some more questions:
    1. Our 10 questions, if we answer 4 then skip 6, do we still have 6 to answer? Or do the 6 skipped questions count towards our 10 questions?
    2. Say we answer 5 questions correctly when the $150,000 limit is reached, do we get a $50 credit to our account or does it disappear?
    3. When we answer a question and click submit, will it take an hour to get to the next question? Can we hit reload/refresh to keep trying to submit the answer?
    Thanks again, Denis.

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