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  • Jus because they didn't say "Go support the LGBT community" in so many words doesn't mean that they are not saying that. There is no reason why not taking a position on this prevents Sparkfun from serving that demographic. You are right, my examples are obviously other topics that are not related to electronics and as such are also irrelevant to Sparkfun and its business. I'm sorry if my post was difficult to understand.

  • I like to think of myself as a generally accepting and kind to those who might have different viewpoints from my own. That being said, I don't appreciate this type of post on a business website that should be neutral regarding things unrelated to its business. If you are having discrimination or some other kind of trouble internal to sparkfun, by all means, institute appropriate policies to remedy the situation. That type of behavior is unacceptable and wrong. Sparkfun, please don't advocate support for a movement that many consider to be amoral and wrong. In my many years of support for sparkfun, I don't recall seeing posts regarding abortion, gun control, border control, or any of the other many political topics that are not related to electronics. I feel that this post is inappropriate and offensive.

  • Is there a plan to offer the load cell amplifier with some kind of shielding? With the very small changes in voltage associated with load cells and strain gauges, shielding is very important to get an accurate sensor reading.

  • I agree with that guy. Not that the individual posts are bad, but I liked the videos that include all of the new products.

  • I can't seem to get the spawn function to work.

  • Stay on target...Stay on target...

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