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  • The sudoer has worked their magic and Firefox 22.0 now has middle-clickability at SparkFun!

  • Firefox 21.0 on 3.8.13-100.fc17.i686.PAE. I shall add this to the laundry list of things I want my sysadmin to fix.

  • Middle-click and control-click don't work on links. I start to get edgy if I can't have my tabs expand at a nearly geometric rate without a right-click. Sounds like there are bigger fish to fry, hopefully before the big fish fry, Friday.

  • Fire lanes? Where we're going, we don't need fire lanes.

  • Asher Brewing kicked these guys out for not being organic. Turns out Avery is not an Aviary. So these guys settled at SparkFun, because they'll let anyone in.

  • I disagree with not providing part numbers for OSHW. The part number SFE used might be needed for more than just replicating the product. Someone may want to find out how many times the connector can be mated and un-mated. The contact material would need to be known for someone that might want to use the board in an application that might cause deterioration of the contacts or those mated to them. This is just a connector, other components used in a design have far more caveats (ie: capacitor voltage and temperature derating that would not be evident from "0.1uF, 0603"). The reality is, that just like a designer has no idea how anyone will be using their designs, they also have no idea how anyone will use the information about their design.

  • This knee-jerk reaction I am seeing in the OSHW community about this logo reminds me of something one might see come out of a big litigation-happy company; it saddens me. Our OSI cousins are telling us something that we are doing needs working out before both of us have troubles from higher up (USPTO). First thing we do is I we get all up-in-arms about the whole thing. Calm down, set aside your pride over our logo and think about what has to happen so our OSI cousins and us get out of this situation with the least damage and obligation to anyone or anything. This is a growing pain we as a community are going to have to go through. We can not plan for every hurdle we come across as we get bigger.

  • I was curious about this too. Not sure why SFE does not publish BOMs (this is open source, right?), so I found a suitable part instead:

  • This float was made entirely of recycled tissue from the unicorn latrine after a steady diet of Fruit Loops.

  • In the spirit of Open Hardware, will you share how you got the custom moldings made?

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