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  • Maybe it’s just me, but think the logo of Ludus could go 50/50 octopus or Madusa/screaming head (eyes, nose, gaping mouth, snake tongue). Maybe if the front two legs didn’t touch, and it wasn’t so symmetrical… just a suggestion.

  • And it’s about right here that Steve began to rethink his decision not to go to college

  • Damn it. Why are all the sharp objects always stuck in the ceiling when the aliens attack?

  • And finally, to prove Princess Mononoke is the greatest movie of all time, I’ve composed this chart….

    reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kodama_%28spirit%29

  • Fyi, didn’t show up on sparkfun’s youtube channel this week:
    “This video is unlisted. Only those with the link can see it."
    Maybe you can find a moustache on ebay for next week…

  • Great Tutorial. Nice to see someone pushing the limits and keeping those datasheet folks in check.

  • Alright, alright. That one was actually pretty funny. Kudos for taking Drinking Jenga up a notch! And I especially like how the only related product for the self-adhesive electrodes are bandages.

  • One of the best product post I have seen in a while. Thank u for valuing my time, staying on topic, and not adding an additional three minutes of comedy. Funny or not, I am watching to see what’s new. Thumbs up.

  • should probably note to ‘carefully’ pry the plastic top off… I just pulled the whole buzzer off mine, lol. Oh well, no more beep.
    PS, plug & play on Windows 7 worked for me also.

  • I suppose you plan on not buying this with the same money that has ‘In God We Trust’ printed on it… lol, I actually didn’t see the symbol until you mentioned it.
    Though, (per Richard Hart’s comments) I think it’s a bit of a stretch to go so far as to deem a manufacturer unprofessional because of their upholding of personal belief. Especially considering that the society we live in is made possible by the un-beliefs AND beliefs of all of us. Frankly, as a multi-cultural society, I would expect to see more religious tokens, not less… Which then becomes a question of tolerance. And from a professionalism stand-point, I would think more is better.

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