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  • I had been looking to make my own version of something like this. Glad I wasn't the only one thinking about this. I will probably grab one of these in the meantime. Maybe use some of these ideas later in my own board.

  • I just received my Raspberry Pi this evening (pre-ordered from a different company days before Sparkfun carried them) and learned a few things. I received a error at startup "Error 110" which deals with the SD card.

    What I have learned since is that a cheap SD card will not always suffice. I ordered a suggested Dane-Elec brand SD card from the company I got my Pi from and regret it. I have never had any luck with Dane-Elec brand stuff.

    This comment has started to sound ranty, so moral of the story is check SD card compatibility first. Also I recommend picking up the ribbon cable for the GPIO. I regret not.

  • I bought two of these a few months ago and just recently got time to play with them. I have since learned to never buy anything from Sparkfun without first reading the comments. They don't fit the DS cable at all but thanks to the other comments I now know what the fix is. I haven't tried it yet, but I have a good feeling it will work now. I will try to respond if I learn anything else useful from my experience.

  • Ok so now I am playing with the servo a few hours later, and find that the center point has moved to 93. Nothing changed except I unplugged the Arduino and waited a few hours. Not sure why this would be, but I can see this being a small problem in some applications.

    I am not sure if detaching the servo is a good way to stop it in position or not, but plan on trying this as well.

  • When I just ran a test on my servo I purchased, I found that 'center' was actually 94. Not sure why the difference is, and don't even see it as a problem, but am mentioning it here so no one gets discouraged if they experience different results. You just need to play with it to see what values do what for your servo.

  • I just received this item this week and noticed the same thing. My red wire was actually severed where it had rubbed the outer diameter of the transducer housing. Luckily there is still a good inch or so left to use, but both black and red wires have insulation damage near the point where they enter the housing. This is something that probably needs to be addressed, as some customer probably won't be able replace them if they do break off there.

  • I have been trying to get this camera to work for over a month. I am not experience enough in handling data like this to even begin to know how to receive a picture. I did get the camera to reset and read the response but I am lost past that. Hope you have some better luck than I have.