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  • Would be interesting. I was contacted by a company I consult for. They had an issue in which radio controls for gate and garage door had become inoperative. After some investigation it was determined that the customer had recently replaced all exterior lighting with LED lights. I was able to verify that the cause was the LED bulbs that had been installed. The end result was a swap out to radio controls that operated at a different frequency (!390MHz)

  • It looks like a fluke, not a Simpson, not an extech, not a realistic-radioshack. It think it's rather disingenuous to say that the yellow and gray colors are universal to meters. I have a Simpson, a Triplett and a Fluke. It's the third fluke I have owned. The 23, the 77 and the 87 I have owned call had yellow bumper cases. They looked similar. The 117 I used to have a work looked just like your product.

    A lay-person would likely be confused by the deceptive likeness of this knockoff.

    Frankly I can't believe this issue hadn't been raised earlier. Be advised that Triplett meters are red.

  • iPhone 5s. Safari. Zooming out doesn't help. It's the abridged nature of what is served up. It would be nice if there was a choice. I can send a screen shot if you wish

  • Wow, I really don't like getting the mobile version of this site now. Any way to bypass this?

  • wow! I can't wait till the 'useless piece of crap' job posting comes up!
    I'll be on it like stink on...

  • This is great, but will there be a breakout version that will handle 5V TTL & RS-232? I'm not good at getting that right.

  • sigh I can't even get gsm service on my own driveway. I had a project that could have been done easily and cheaply with GSM messaging. I ended up submitting a prototype with a Orbcom sat link.
    Priced myself out of range.
    I suppose this exercise didn't take place anywhere rural.

  • make these into t-shirts and I'd buy one. like the blimp and the dinosaur ones.

  • here's a tool that would come in handy for custom faceplates:
    Adel nibbler. Very handy tool to own for all sorts of projects as well!

  • From a visually appealing website to great products, Sparkfun is doing a lot right. Keep up the good work.
    On an aside, Any luck on getting some RP-SMA patch cables with a Male/Female RP-SMA fitting on each end?

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