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  • I have some here that is now somewhere between one and two years old. I don't go through it all that quickly. I've got little kids, so I don't keep it in the fridge or anywhere near food. I find that as it gets old it gets to be thicker and a little harder to work with. The parts don't stick to it so much anymore.

    But I only do this with components on the top side, and am careful not to jostle them while transferring to the hot plate. Still melts and flows wonderfully and is super easy.

    I sometimes use a toothpick, like you said, and sometimes I'll spring for a stencil. Just depends on the complexity of the board and what kind of timeframe I'm looking at. Doesn't cost too much to add a stencil to an order at JLCPCB, and a stencil from Oshstencils comes in the mail really quickly. This old paste has worked well for me both with and without the stencil.

    If I was doing production work all day and the little bit of extra time mattered, then sure, getting fresh paste would make sense. For what I do, having it take an extra minute because it's a bit thick and not so sticky really doesn't matter at all.

  • I have a 1981 VW Jetta Diesel, and that 20mA sounded low for the solenoid. I just went out and measured it, and it surprised me. I was expecting ~100-200mA, but it ended up being 1.2A! This was on a lukewarm engine. It's probably been sitting for about 3 hours in my garage, so it's not completely cold, but it's nowhere near hot. I don't know if that would change the amperage much, but it is possible.

    But yeah, on that engine, it's really the only way to kill the engine, other than running out of fuel in the tank or popping the clutch and stalling it. I've briefly considered doing something like that, but at this point who would really bother with a 40 year old car with practically no resell value when there are new cars nearby in a parking lot? Also, there are so many quirks that have evolved over the years that it can be a bit tricky to even open the doors if you don't have the 'feel' of it, much less get everything else right to smoothly start and drive it... :)

  • Just FYI, in your list of operations with bullet points, you have the wrong slash for division.

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