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  • Any idea when these are going to be in stock? I have a project for them!

  • Agreed. While quadrature is technically a form of Grey Code, Grey Code is so much more. For example, absolute rotary encoders are capable of telling you exactly where they are in their rotation to n bits of accuracy (even through a power cycle!), where n is the number of rings on the encoder.

    Quadrature is 2 bit Grey Code (channel A, channel B), but is not set up to give absolute angle, only relative motion. Good thing, too, since 2 bits of resolution would only be able to give you 90 degree increments.

  • I just purchased one specifically for sous vide. Where the food is contained in a sealed bag and the probe is not, I don't see it being a problem.

  • "I bet my ancestors never had to organize resistors...."

  • Call me crazy, but now I want to put a potato cannon on a quad-copter just to see if it can recover after the recoil.

  • The answer is "yes, with a little more work." The Arduino needs to be reset during the upload process, which is not possible via tx/rx. There is a pin on the RN42 that can act as a reset if hooked up properly. There's also an additional pin broken out on this board, though I don't know if it's the pin you need. I have yet to undertake the project myself, but it is on my to do list. I've done the research to know it's possible, but I can't help you beyond that, yet.

  • will this program 3.3v boards? i have a bmp085 and rn42 connected to my mc and don't want to fry them...

  • What does the speed sensor wire output? I imaging a square wave, but at what voltage?

  • What does the speed sensor wire output? I imaging a square wave, but at what voltage?

  • aluminum, especially small stuff, will cut very nicely on a miter saw. i've even cut through solid 3"x4" bar stock with a carbide tipped blade (though the shrapnel can get painful at times...)