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  • Why are mounting holes either non-existent, or just poorly thought out? I see nifty boards that would be nice to grab, but the majority of the time there is no thought put into mounting. I wish more hobby designers thought about mounting holes more like computer motherboard manufacturers. For instance, the holes have a good clearance from the edge of the PCB, other components, and indicating marks. There is enough clearance for the head of a screw and probably a washer without any worry of smashing a component, the thin PCB edge or covering part of the silk screen.

  • Reminds me of Basic Stamps and it looks like the pinout is compatible which I am doubting is coincidence. :)

  • I wish this would stop showing up as the top result for Google searches involving WWVB...

  • This should work perfectly with the Intel Galileo's USB host port. Going to buy a couple.

  • I suggest putting it top most so it is more exposed to the environment. I used these longer non-stacking pins on my boards: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10158

  • The status LEDs should be labeled "Blinding Blue" and "Is It On? Green" since the mcd ratings are not matched. =P Or is that so the light sensor can measure the dark? I feel the ambient light sensor circuit needs some work... Mine reads 0.00 right now sitting above my monitor in very softly lit room. I'll probably grab a few to experiment with an op-amp.

    I wish I looked at the schematic closer before purchasing; the Wind pin-out is not compatible with the Davis anemometer I already had lying around.

  • ...has this been tested with a BGA? Cause that would be really neat!

  • Its an Arduino Pro Mini platform, not an UNO. Arduino Pro should be in the boards list.

  • The SPI library calls on 'pins_arduino.h.' This file exists for every board, this is where the MCP2515_lib library defines those pins. However, you will need to change the '#define SPICS' line from 10 to 53 in the 'mcp_can_dfs.h' file of the MCP2515_lib library to support the chip_select.

  • Yay changes >> Use the library here: https://github.com/coryjfowler/MCP2515_lib

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