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  • Just a comment about copy/paste and using tools in general...
    (I haven't been using Eagle long, but the following does seem to hold true for most tools - might be new to version 5)
    To act on a group of objects, use CTRL+Right-Click.
    1) First use the Group tool to select a group of objects.
    2) Next, select the tool you want to use, such as move, copy, etc.
    3) Finally, hold the CTRL key and Right-Click any object in the group to use the tool on all objects in the group.
    If you have a tool selected, then switch to the Group tool and select some objects, you can immediately CTRL+Right-Click to use the last selected tool on the group, without switching back from the toolbar.
    If you use CTRL+Right-Click, it makes working with groups of items much more intuitive.

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