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  • A very long time ago, in tech terms, I developed a hand held computer and spent a lot of effort banging my head against the board of investors that releasing the hardware and a software development framework as an open platform were the way to go. We had a target selling price at which we would have been very attractive, a highly capable platform with innovations like flashed bios, touch screen graphics, serial IO and removeable storage. We were ready for market a year or more ahead of the palm pilot that was a brick compared to our platform. The board spent a fortune and valuable time trying to defend the IP on the platform before we even got to market. History shows how successful they were at this! Palm made millions and we dissappeard. Had we got to market first and continued to innovate who knows what might have happened.

    The elephant in the room is the fact that the fact that by it's very existence the committee has validated the fact that current IP protection is unworkable. Followers, copiers, 'the Chinese' if you'll excuse the gross generalisation will always be just that. What real market leaders need to do is to concentrate on the innovation process itself. Ensuring that upcoming generations are capable of innovating is perhaps as important as anything else.

    To pick up on a point, if IP protection is not protectionism then what is it's purpose? IP protection is the very definition of protectionism!

  • Ha! Downloaded the code from Mongoose and deleted all the Baro stuff. Upgraded Comms to 115200 and now we are in business!!!

  • Yes. I'm using an Mbed as the core for my flight control system. but before I get that running I will have to get the IMU to an acceptable state!!!

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