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  • These didn't work at all for 30 AWG for me when I got them, even if I pressed hard like the first commenter said.
    The problem was that the flat area at the tip just simply didn't close flush at all. I had to file it down. After filing it down, it now works well.
    The manufacturing quality really isn't ideal. If you're willing to file down the front though, it works like a charm. Be sure not to file it too much of course...

  • ... The box is waaaaaaay too creepy.
    Nightmares... that crosses the line where nightmares are caused...

  • Is this the ATmega328P, or the ATmega328? The datasheet link and picture show the ATmega328P variant, but the description and title here do not reflect this. I have an application where the low power of the P variant matters.

  • Well... one can get a 100MHz bandwidth scope for under $500.... search around for "Rigol DS1052E" and the hack to make it think it's a DS1102E... ;)