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  • Hi I am new to the forum and was wondering if someone could work with a question I have about the module Cellular Shield with SM5100B what happens is that as e have seen in the data sheet and on top of this forum by the UART module supports only to 3.2 V. The problem is that I’m doing communication either from a microcontroller or my computer through a max232 in communication output voltage on pins Tx and Rx is approximately 4.6 V, and tried to couple the signal 3.3 V zener diodes but no communication, and I found that the circuits and the microcontroller are max232 well as the configuration of zener diodes to limit the voltage to 3.3 V maximum, also check out speed transmidion to 115200 baud but nothing. I would like to hear from any circuit for coupling the signal from the module with the max232, and if damage the module to connect directly to the TTL signal max 232 because as discuss the essence that is the voltage difference is always high.
    I thank a lot for the collaboration that I can provide.

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