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  • In case it’s not obvious, the above is a response to Drone’s message on 2009/07/02. I hit the nifty “reply” button but it didn’t work. =(

  • Yes, it’d be far better to have no regulation regarding the RF spectrum, because it’s completely unacceptable that you as a free person should be told what you can and can’t do. Nobody “owns” the airwaves, right?
    Anybody should be able to run as much power as they’d like on any frequency for any reason. If someone’s interfering with me, I’ll just bump up the power. Then I’ll buy a new amplifier. And who cares if that amplifier is throwing huge gobs of interference up and down the band for 100MHz in either direction? If it was really that important, they’d make devices so that they could tolerate it. I mean, it’s not going to kill anyone… there aren’t any medical devices or anything on the ISM bands, are there?
    [sarcasm off]

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