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  • i have the same question about wiring- also which pin can be used for CS? i have tried wiring according to this: http://arduino.cc/playground/Learning/SDMMC with D0 as MISO and CMD as MOSI and CD as CS

  • how do you convert the analog read to a pollution value? does anyone have an example with some threshold values? thanks

  • i am trying to use this with the MQ-7 and can't figure out the orientation. does the side with Mq-7 sticker align with the "Gas Sensor" print on the breakout board? I tried looking for a wiring diagram on the MQ-7 but couldn't find a good response

  • hi, i was looking at the example project and it seems they use a different sensor and use a dc jack to connect the current sensor to the board, is there a jack that works with this one? or can you just connect the output to positive?