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  • Poldi, goto VLSI website, under one of there sections they explain how to download the firmware and upload it correctly. I still want know which NAND flash chip to use that I can find off of mouser or digikey :( I cant find the ST one that this board uses.

  • Does anyone know what other types of NAND Flash will work this the basic firmware? I tried looking on Digi,and Mouse, cant seem find large quantities of this type of memory in any 64~128mb siez?

  • I just started looking into using this VS1000 decoder chip in my project. I understand they have a example program that will use the UART as an interface to control the player.
    Does anyone know when using the serial example program on this chip, if I need to “read” any of the information coming out of the chip? I would prefer to just send serial bytes to the player chip and disregard any of the information comes back out of it. (to simplify my design, and having lack of more hardware UARTs).

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