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  • This was my biggest problem when I looked into Cypress’s stuff. Very interesting hardware, but closed source tools that were Windows only. I run Linux everywhere, except for one Windows box for gaming (and even that’s changing, thanks to Steam). It’s just not worth it to run Windows just to use some company’s proprietary dev tools.

  • So this is the new version of the RFM12B, ? It looks like the chip-on-board blob was changed to an SMD IC, but are there any other changes? Is it 100% compatible with the old RFM12B?

  • Everyone stared in silence while the huge kodama gestured and rattled its head, making this the most productive meeting in Sparkfun history.

    (I’m also surprised so few people recognized the costume: )

  • wait, Geoffrey Peterson has parts from SparkFun?!
    /me just had his mind blown

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