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  • Does anyone know what “disables transmitter” means in the context of setting UART_CTS high (RN-41 datasheet, page 3). Does this shut the unit down? I’ll be using these in situations where at times I want the unit powered down (beyond the deep sleep mode) and I’m trying to determine if I should throw a transistor on Vcc or if I can just control the CTS line.

  • Ooops. This was in reply to sonic but somehow I screwed that up…

  • It’s great that you have done this but would you be willing to provide a bit more detail than just the N1 2.1 binaries and simple scripts for those of us without a lot of android development experience? If nothing else, a description of what’s involved to get these drivers installed and a basic API description so people can determine if it is within their ability to pursue.
    I think a lot of people would be interested in interfacing these BT devices with their android devices and any additional details would be appreciated!

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