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  • I love these- been using them w/ Arduino to drive multiple 12V LED strips.

    Now, though, I’m trying to make a basic electromagnet (use an Arduino to slowly turn it on & off using a changing duty cycle) and I’m burning these things, my Arduino, and my board up I think for 2 reasons

    1) I’d LIKE to run 12-24V at ~10Amps and the dissipation on these is 96W; I tried running multiple of these in parallel but no luck eventhough they’re supposed to be self-balancing as they get hotter. 2) This MOSFET gets stuck in the open phase i think; if the duty cycle is too high, the 0 or 5V Arduino logic can’t seem to turn off the MOSFET when the 12V & 8A is going through. It gets stuck on an boils everything. Does that sound right?

    So I think things get complicated when you want way more power. Can someone help me with some suggestions? I thought maybe a relay, but I definitely need to run this at all ranges of current between full load and just a little bit so i think a relay won’t be able to switch fast enough to give enough resolution on the duty cycle, no?

    I think I need a heavier duty transistor to solve this, but I’ve no idea which one (someone here mentioned IRFP260?) and with these higher-power ones, how to drive them w/ Arduino logic. Can you use the 5V Arduino logic to turn on this N-MOSFET and let a 12V VIN pass through to then trigger the bigger transistor?