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  • Sorry, I had 0 electronics experience back then. Disregard.

  • No you cannot.

  • I suggest first learning the ropes of JS at codecademy. It's completely free and you basically code right in the browser. I then advise you read the documentation for the API, which since this is a beginner-level device, should be fairly simple.

  • Thankfully, SFE stocks these already! For some odd reason you'll find them in the LED section. I don't know why, must be some issue their side.

  • Sign me up!

  • Observe: Top secret military practitioner attaches a homing beacon to a wild magician in the new "tag and release" program, dubbed 'operation falling carpet', aimed at harnessing the use of magicians to track the migration patterns of birds.

  • They will be, something I'm 99% sure of.

  • Yeah, but I don't like the idea of SFE selling shady clone devboards... I'd rather know that the boards are made properly and not in some unknown place with unknown working conditions.

    The great thing about the ATMega328 is that it's a relatively simple chip, and you can find some open source PCB layouts for it a la Arduino pro mini, modify those, and Kickstart your $15 WiFi Dev board! PCB design isn't too hard, and in bulk it would be affordable to sell at that price.

    All I'm doing really is telling you that maker mentality. If you think there's a market for sucheck a device, ask around on forums, and if you're right, you could change a lot with an affordable IoT Arduino compatible dev board.

  • Congrats!

    From what the trend seems to be, the winner is whomever is upvoted most. Was the comedy team biased in being able to see these votes, or did they receive the entries in some random order?

    As I see it, otherwise it seems to be first with good humorous wins because the others are drowned out for the most part.

  • Just what I need for my thermal heating pad... normal resistors burn up in a matter of seconds.

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